Sea Cargo – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of Sea Cargo

Freight transport through Sea or Sea Cargo has been a much used mode of transport from a long time in history. Even after air transport being introduced Sea Cargo holds the major percentage – approximately 80% of international trade. To make an informed decision about which mode of transport is to be used to send your cargo, we need to know its advantages and disadvantages. So here let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of Sea Cargo.

Advantages of Sea Cargo

Cost efficient

Cost efficiency is still the major reason sea cargo is preferred by many over air cargo. If the cargo to be sent is not time sensitive choosing sea cargo can be agood option because of its economical costing.


One has lot options to choose from while using sea cargo. Even if the cargo is smaller there are options like Less than container load – LCL Shipping to accommodate your needs.

Environment friendly

The fuel consumed by a ship compared to fuel consumed by plane is very minimal. So the carbon footprint it leaves is very low making it the more environment friendly option.

Appropriate for Heavy Cargo

Even very heavy cargo like Industrial equipments , vehicles etc can be handled by Sea Cargo with ease. Due to this large industries still choose Sea Cargo for their maritime trade.


One major disadvantage of Sea Cargo in comparison to air cargo is the time taken. Se Cargo takes lot more time than air cargo. Timetables are less flexible compared to air cargo. But if you contact an experienced cargo service provider in UAE, they will be able to get you a the best deal in terms of timing and cost. You can contact Dunes Cargo any cargo needs in UAE, be it Transfer of Residence or LCL, FCL Shipping our customer service time is always available to assist you.