Benefits of FCL Shipping

FCL Shipping benefits

FCL Shipment is a kind of Shipment where an entire container is used up without sharing the space with others.

When exporters and importers deal with large cargo, FCL is an option preferred by most of them.

What is FCL Shipping?
FCL Stands for Full Container load. This kind of shipment is chosen when the entire container or a very large percentage of container space is required to send cargo.

So now let’s look at some benefits of FCL Shipping
• Since the whole container is used by one sender only, there is less handling and thus few chance of damage.
• When full or almost full container is used the price will be lower compared to LCL Shipping.
• When compared to LCL Shipping, FCL Shipping does not have the need of getting loaded or unloaded with other shipments, thus saving more time.
• Another obvious benefit is that FCL is quite cheaper than air freight.
• Low risk of mixing up with other cargo. If multiple shipments are there, there’s always a risk of contamination with other goods in same container, especially when there are other goods involving chemicals etc.
• Appropriate for fragile items. Since no other goods are presenting FCL, fragile goods will be safer in Full Container loads.
• Safer for expensive products. If the cargo sent are expensive products, it will be a wise decision to choose FCL as no other shipment is involved there.
• For specific needs reefer containers can be used, especially when there is a need of ensuring the temperature of any product.

Above said are some of the important factors to be considered while choosing mode of cargo shipment. There might be other variables too to be considered. That is why choosing an experienced and professional cargo service provider is cardinal.

At Dunes Cargo we are always open to your doubts regarding shipments and strive to give the best information, so that you can make the best choice.

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