Pros and Cons of LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping, Advantages and Disadvantages

You may not be aware, but most of products you buy have most probably come through a ship. Such is the importance of container shipping in our world.

If one does not have enough goods for a whole container, the next option is to go for an LCL Shipping, i.e. Less than Container load.

Before choosing LCL in UAE there are certain things to be considered. Especially when there is enough cargo to fit in a large portion of the container. In such cases the FCL and LCL charges can be similar. So for making the right choice then, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of FCL and LCL.


The Cost

If the amount of cargo occupies only a small portion of container, it is quite obvious that the cost is lesser for LCL compared to booking a whole container. But in cases where a large portion of container is occupied you can contact the cargo service provider and compare the cost with FCL i.e. Full Container Load.

Easier scheduling and appointments

Scheduling and delivery appointments can be easier in LCL Shipping compared to FCL Shipping.

Pay for what you use

In LCL Shipments, you only need to pay for the space you use. Such flexible options during consolidation can make your job easier.


Fragile Cargo

It is comparatively risky than FCL, when the cargo being sent is something very fragile. Since there are other shipments also in the same container there may be frequent moving and handling.

Inspection and loading

Even though the time for transit is similar to FCL, the inspection, unloading processes can cause delays.

Other shipments

You cannot control what is being shipped in the container along with yours.


Both FCL and LCL has its pros and cons. One has to react according to the situation at hand and decide the better option. You can discuss this with the Cargo Service Provider itself. At Dunes Cargo we have a very professional and responsive customer service to clear all your doubts regarding FCL and LCL Shipping in UAE