Vehicle loading and forwarding – Measures and precautions to be taken

Vehicle loading and forwarding

If you are loading and forwarding your vehicle to a different location you need to be careful while choosing the vehicle loading/forwarding service provider. You need to ensure all the safety measures are taken while loading forwarding and loading the vehicle.

Some of the common problems that can happen in vehicle loading/ unloading are:

  • Improper stacking of cargo leading to tumbling
  • Lashing or dunnage failure
  • Falling off loading platform

We can take the following measures below to avoid all the above circumstances and for the most safe forwarding of vehicles

Proper ramps: Before loading we need to ensure proper and appropriate ramps are available which are suitable for the vehicle and the container.

vehicle ramp for loading service‘Proper ramps for loading/unloading’

Dunnage: Dunnage are inexpensive material used to secure cargo during transportation. Make sure enough dunnage and packing is done.

Lashing: Lashing is the securing of cargo using wires, chains, cables etc to minimize shifting. Lashing is especially important for vehicle forwarding.

Lashing for car carrier service safety‘Lashing done for a client’

Parking brakes: Ensure parking brakes are fully engaged

Wheel Chocks: Wheel chocks are wedges placed against vehicle’s wheels to prevent accidental movement. Ensure that wheel chocks are used wherever necessary

Wheel chocks for vehicle forwarding service Dubai‘Wheel Chocks in place’

Disable Alarms: Disable any alarms in the vehicles before forwarding the vehicles

Check for leaks: Before loading the vehicle always check for leaks

And before unloading check the following things to make sure of safe unloading

  • Make sure all unloading equipment are working
  • Check whether the loads have shifted in any way
  • And perform the unloading on a flat and firm surface

Unloading of Vehicle UAE‘Unloading of vehicle’

And ultimately to choose the most trusted and professional car/ carrier services is very important.  Only such service providers will have the best processes in place for ensuring safe loading and forwarding.

To know more about car carrier service by ‘Dunes Cargo and Shipping’, you can check our service page: ‘Car Carrier Services ’ and request for a quote.