Difference between FCL and LCL Shipping

Difference between FCL and LCL Shipping

LCL and FCL stands for Less than Container Load and Full Container Load respectively.

FCL Shipment is a kind of Shipment where an entire container is used up without sharing the space with others. But in LCL Shipment the only one small part of the space of the container is used. So there will be multiple LCL Shipments in a container. But only one FCL shipment can be done using one container.

The choice between LCL Shipment and FCL shipment should be made considering the amount of cargo to be shipped. Since for FCL the whole container’s space is considered while pricing, it won’t be ideal for smaller shipments. But if the LCL shipping occupies a substantial amount in container it will be a good idea to check whether cost goes above the FCL cost.

Since FCL involves only one company, there will be no hassles for sorting the cargo. So the entire process of door to door delivery will be easier and faster. Therefore the urgency of cargo delivery is also a factor to be considered while choosing between FCL and LCL.

Since FCL Container is for one single company, number of people involved is less. So the safety and security concerns are less than LCL. But ultimately for safe and secure delivery, the best choice is to go for a trusted cargo service provider, whether you choose FCL or LCL.

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