Introducing DUNES JUMBO

Introducing Dunes Jumbo

Dunes Jumbo is the, new premium Jumbo Box Cargo service by Dunes Relocations, Cargo & Shipping. We are planning to offer high quality premium yet affordable service with this new service.

Dunes Cargo has been a trusted service provider in the Jumbo Box Cargospace. With years of experience Dunes Cargo has become the top specialist for this service. Now we are taking the next step for customer satisfaction, by providing premium yet affordable Jumbo Box Cargo service.

Below are specialties of Dunes Jumbo:

Uncompromising on Quality

 The firm stance of Jumbo indicates the uncompromising approach towards Safety and Quality. We ensure that all the international standards for cargo moving are met, with the utmost quality service.


We have very highly trained staff, equipped to take care of all the tasks to ensure the safest and fastest delivery. Dunes Jumbo also represents this professionalism, by donning the Dunes Cargo Uniforms.


The friendly face represents the friendly nature of our staff. Our well trained staff is very approachable and well mannered. They can clear any of the doubts regarding Cargo delivery.

Safety & Trust

Dunes Jumbo represents Safety and Trust. It is capable to protect and deliver the Cargo safely to anywhere in the world.

Size of Cargo

Dunes Jumbo also represents the size of the cargo we can deliver. Our packages come in 4 types – DUNES JUMBO, DUNES JUMBO MINI, DUNES JUMBO STANDARD, DUNES JUMBO MINI STANDARD. More details on the size and capacity of boxes is available on the page Jumbo Box Cargo Service

For Enquiries and to get quotes you can either fill the form in the Jumbo Box service page or you can contact via Whatsapp/Call.