Advantages of Wooden Crating for Cargo Services

Advantages of Wooden Crating

Crates are boxes which are generally made of wood, metal, plastic etc to give better protection to cargo. Wooden crates are very commonly used for shipments because of its several advantages. Crating process is a very important step which can determine the success of a cargo shipment.

So Why are Wooden Crating essential?

Can withstand temperature changes

 A good wooden crate will be able to cope up with any unexpected weather changes. It will be able to withstand different temperatures.

Resistant to moisture and chemicals

If you choose a good Wooden Crating service provider the quality of the wooden crating will be more than enough to withstand moisture or exposure to chemicals.


Compared to metal crating, wooden crates are lightweight. This is advantageous in many ways in loading, unloading and expenses also.


Wooden crates are perfect for stacking. When it comes to saving space and loading such wooden boxes are very appropriate. Even if many more crates are stacked together, wooden crates will be easily be able to withstand the pressure.


When we compare the cost to crating cost using metals like aluminium or steel, wooden crates are quite inexpensive, yet very effective.

Protects from shocks and vibrations

Wooden crates are suitable for heavy loads. It can with stand large pressure. Shocks and vibrations won’t have much effect, if your cargo is protected with Wooden Crates.


Wooden crates can be customised according to the cargo being sent. An experienced professional will be able to easily customise your cargo according to your requirements.

At Dunes Cargo our very own professional trained staff are well equipped to give the best and customised wooden crating service. Being a Cargo Service provider in Dubai for about two decades, we know the best solutions for your requirements.

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