Choosing a Cargo Service- What you can find online

Choose the best cargo service in UAE with help of Internet

Are you struggling to find a trustworthy Cargo Service provider in UAE. Finding a trustworthy Cargo Service provider can be a headache if you are not familiar to sending cargo. While researching about each Cargo service provider, confirming the authenticity of their claims is not an easy task. So here are some small tips which you might find useful while researching online

Check Social Media

Find out the social media pages of the Cargo Service Provider. You can either google it or you can find it in their website. Check whether they are active on posting and replying. An active social media account can mean a good responsive customer service. So tracking your cargo won’t become a difficult task.

Some accounts even post Real photos of packages and cargo of their customers. This can mean they are confident about their service.

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Check Reviews and rating

Check Online Reviews. Read the online review and check the overall rating. In Google reviews a rating above 4 is really good in Cargo Services area. Because a rating of above 4 means the cargo service provider is able to satisfy most of its customers.

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Check Contact page

Check the contact page of the website. Check if the details like phone no, email, address , map are provided. An enquiry form is a plus.

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Experience matters in Cargo Industry. Find out how much years of experience, the Company has in the Industry to understand whether they are capable enough to deal with your cargo.

Check blogs

Read the blogs from their website. You will be able to get an idea of how much understanding and knowledge they have in the industry.

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Read the relevant pages of the service you are looking for in the website. You may also find ‘Get Quote’ forms in website. You can also try that to get an idea of the pricing.             

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With hands-on management, local port knowledge and experience Dunes Cargo Services in UAE is one of the best in the industry. We have a very responsive customer service team. Feel free to Contact us through Whatsapp/Call