volume of a Cargo

What is CBM?

CBM means Cubic metres. It is a measurement of volume of shipment. It is used to understand how much space will be required for a cargo. 

How to Calculate CBM?

[cbm image with dimensions here]

CBM is the volume of a Cargo. So the simple formula to calculate volume also applies here.

CBM = Length x Width x Height

For Example if Length = 2m , Width = 3m and Height =2m

CBM = 2mx3mx2m = 12m³ 

Please make sure all the unit are in metres, before calculation

Volumetric Weight & Total weight

Volumetric weight and chargeable weights are two methods used to calculate the charge of a cargo shipment. These two methods are used in different cases. In cases like small parcels etc the total weight is used. But consider a situation where the weight is very low but the space it occupies is very high. In such cases using the total weight as a measure of cargo charges is impractical. That is why volumetric weight is considered. CBM is the most used method to find the volumetric weight. 

Importance of packing in freight charges

Finding the volume of rectangular packages are easy. But in many cases the cargo to be shipped might be irregularly shaped. In such cases, experience of the packer matters a lot. 

An experienced packer will be able to pack the cargo in such a way that the volume is lower and also keeping in mind the safety of the cargo. Dunes Cargo & Shipping has an experienced division of packing experts for all kinds of packing services related to cargo(link here)