Safety measures for Packaging Cargo

Safety is the most important aspect of a cargo service. Cargo with wide variety of requirements are met by a cargo service provider. It may vary for items which are too fragile or materials with large sizes or very sensitive to weather etc. So before packaging it is important to keep in minds, all the aspects of of cargo transport from loading, shipping to unloading until the cargo reaches the final delivery destination. 

Wrap items separately

If packaging is to be done on multiple items, it is always advised to pack each separately. 

Multiple layers

You can provide multiple layer of packaging to your valuables. It can be different layers of packaging from cartopn boxes to wooden crating. 

Use proper dunnage

Dunnage is the packaging material which are mostly inexpensive or waste material that can be used as a protection to the cargo against any mechanical damage due to movement.

Use climate proof packing if required

Some materials might be highly sensitive to weather changes, chemical exposure etc. In such cases climate proof packing can be availed.

Use best crating services

Use a professional crating service. Efficient crating can help reduce risk on fragile items to a very large extent. You can choose wood,metal or plastic crating methods. [link to wooden crating article here] 

For cargo packing service[link here] always choose a trusted service provider. Because the experience they bring in is the best protection we can give to our cargo. For Trusted and professional you can contact Dunes Cargo & Shipping at [phone no]