The fact is unless you are a person of minimalistic lifestyle, moving is one of the biggest tasks there is and it can be extremely devastating. If you prepare ahead and stay organized, you could make it through this massive process intact. Here are a few tips to avoid your moving day from becoming chaos.

1 Always best to get organised early

Try to avoid leaving everything and anything for the last minute. It often takes around 30 and 60 days to make a plan and ensure that your moving day runs smoothly. Create a checklist and itemize everything you need to do week by week so as to give you a head up.

2 Try to keep your movers updated

Some of the boxes are easy to handle, but when you get to the bulky, heavy stuff, it’s important to let your movers know what to expect. Keep your moving company informed and explains all that is required and expectations prior to booking the agency.

3 Know which transportation is best

If you are moving a short distance, you can probably make the move in no more than one trip. But if that is not the case then you need to make sure you have the right transportation so as to make the move in one go.

4 Seize the opportunity to rid of unwanted items

Shifting is a great opportunity to organize your things and get rid of items no longer serves its purpose. Planning ahead gives you the time to sort and donate items like good old clothes, furniture, old books or magazines, etc.

5 Go Green on your shifting

Shifting day can generate a lot of waste like packaging cardboard, bubble wrap, and newspaper. Opt for the reusable plastic bins for things that you use only once after shifting. Labeling them and they can go directly into storage space until you’re ready to deal with the contents. You can also consider using old linens to wrap fragile items.

6 Reuse cardboard boxes

You will need a few cardboard boxes to round off your moving kit. A few days before you start packing, collect a few boxes each time you visit the grocery store. Keep in mind that smaller boxes are very easy to carry.

7 Make an inventory list

This is really necessary if you’re hiring a shifting company. Having a record of your shifting items is useful to figure out if something goes missing. Keep a spreadsheet of the contents of each box and assign each box a number on one side or on all sides.

8 Try having a moving day kit

Keep one box separately for essential items that you’ll need on your shifting day like cleaning supplies, garbage bags, a change of clothes, your toiletry bag, etc.

9 Keep your valuables safe

Find a safe spot to store your valuables on the shifting day. If you’re moving a computer, do a quick backup of important files so as to avoid any mishaps happening during the transit.

You can always ask your shifting company for assistance. Our team at DUNES Cargo are always at your service to make your shifting smooth and secure. For more details on our services you can check our Relocation and Moving Services page