Finding the right warehouse is very crucial in determining the efficiency and speed of the supply chain. In the current fast changing world, there is a race among different organizations, entrepreneurs, industries to be among the first. Therefore, fast delivery and the quality of the product is of utmost importance for these organizations, both of which depend on the warehouse you select. A small misshapen in the storage of your product may affect the quality or cause huge time loss. Your Warehouse must not only provide storage but also decrease shrinkage or loss, safety and efficient accessibility of your product. Selecting a warehouse is often a difficult task. Each of your products may need a specific warehouse with certain conditions that’s suited for them. However, there are some factors  that are essential in determining if a warehouse is good or not. Below are a few of them.

  1. Location and access

Location plays a key role in the warehouse you choose. This is because the warehouse must be in a convenient place for the customer to access. It must be close enough for them to reach and it must be in a place where the cargo can be easily transported to and fro from it. Dunes  has their warehouses at key locations in Dubai making it easier for you to access it.

  1. Experience and reputation 

Now that you know your warehouse is convenient to access, you must look into its profile. You must know that the warehouse you look for is experienced in handling your type of goods. Warehouses with international associations are better since they have a strong credibility for their services. 

Dunes services are trusted even among the international organizations and its professional team ensures that the quality of your products is not compromised. 

  1. Technology 

Some warehouses may not have the essential services to store your type of product. There are some warehouses that offer secondary services like drones, and softwares that helps ease the process and is not time consuming. Warehouse Management systems (WMS) is one such software that is now becoming a prominent tool in this sector. Dunes uses WMS to organize their labor and simplify the whole complex process of warehouse management. This inturn helps in a fast and quality product delivering to its customers.

These are the factors that you might have in mind when deciding on a Warehouse. In this fast-changing world finding the right warehouse will give you a seamless experience when delivering your cargo and Dunes Cargo is the best choice right now if you are planning to find one in the UAE.