storage and warehousing services

Long and short term storage facility in dubai

We provide a warehouse for the following uses:

  • Long-term storage in Dubai 
  • Short-term storage in Dubai 
  • Packing facility 
  • Temporary storage for transshipment Cargo 
  • storage for cross-stuffing cargo 
  • storage for personal effects 

It is essential for a business owner to use the best warehouse storage in Dubai that is available. Your choice of the best warehouse for your cargo as a business owner will determine its security, quality, and immediate availability. Dunes cargo and Shipping understands your needs and provides you with the best Dubai long- and short-term storage facility. Our warehouse stands out from the competition and offers the client both long-term and short-term storage thanks to its security, high-quality staff, and cutting-edge machinery. We list beneath the advantages of picking us. The facilities and services we provide have been designed in such a way that they make it easy for you to use them. 

The safety of the cargo: Dunes Cargo & Shipping  is aware of how important it is to guarantee the safety of the cargo we have been given. Our distribution center is forward-thinking in security against fire, water, and vermin. To guarantee total wellbeing two fire engines are positioned nonstop inside the actual premises. Our indoor reason is safeguarded with the most recent security highlights and just approved people are conceded admittance inside. Laborers are constantly held under severe management and the non-military personnel section inside the premises is completely denied. One of Dubai’s most secure warehousing facilities is ensured by all of these features.

Our Machinery: We are furnished with the most cutting-edge apparatus fit for taking care of huge transfers. Each machine undergoes weekly functional testing and comes from a reputable and reputable brand. Each person who handles the apparatus is equipped for the equivalent and is knowledgeable about the field. We are extremely concerned about minimizing product waste.

Loading & Unloading: Within the warehouse, we offer cargo loading and unloading services. Our warehouse has enough space to accommodate the need and store cargo up to a significant limit. This guarantees the shipment’s safety and keeps it out of the public eye. Your products will be available upon request, and loading will also take place inside the building. The consignments will be delivered in the best possible condition because every loading and unloading operation will be overseen.

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Major Benefits: Dunes Cargo & Shipping is the only shipping company in Dubai that specializes in providing storage for transshipment and cross-country stuffing cargo. Our customers benefit from the safe and dependable transportation of their goods and the ability to unload as much as they want on demand. Our premises additionally highlight leaving regions for vehicles to such an extent that it would be more straightforward for our clients to profit from transportation of their products whenever.