Know Your Moving Expense from UAE

Do you know which country people from Dubai move to the most? India. Yes, that’s true, according to a recent survey India is the most popular destination for expats when they choose to move. Dunes Cargo – best packers & movers in UAE is helping people to move from Dubai to all over the world, ensuring the best of cargo services to Kochi, Chennai and other cities. Several factors decide the cost of your moving. It is always best if understand the factors involved in determining the cost of moving a shipment from one country to the other.

Mainly 3 factors which decide how much your move will

Number or volume of items to be moved:

It depends on the number of items you want to move to. Generally, movers provide estimates on the total weight of your cargo. You can also ship cars and commercial items as well. A special moving service like pet relocations is not considered as it requires a different set of procedures. Therefore, many people moving out often sell their unwanted goods in order to curb the moving cost. The movers and packers will do a survey of your house before providing price estimation.
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Types of transportation:

You can always avail 3 modes of transportation: land, sea and air. Moving your items through roadways is the cheapest option if your destination country is connected by road. For example, if one wants to move from Dubai to Oman, they can choose to transport the goods via roadways as the countries are connected. Expats moving out from UAE mostly move to countries which are not connected by roadways. Sea freight is the then best option but it takes longer to reach your goods. Sea freight to India can probably take more than a month to reach its destination. So if you are not in a rush, sea freight is a good and cheap option for you. Last but not least, we have airways as a mode of transportation. This is the most expensive one but will reach you within a few days of shipping. People who want to shift their belongings in the fastest possible way choose airways as their mode of transportation.


Type of service you choose:

You can classify cargo services into three categories:

Door to door service – The items will be picked up from your preferred location and dropped at your preferred destination. It’s the most convenient and expensive category to choose from. The movers will pack your goods, deliver them at your destination and unpack them. The paperwork involved to move your items will be done by your moving agency.

Door to Port service – The goods will be picked up from your preferred location and dropped at the port of your destination country. You have to shift your belongings from the port to your location in the destination country and unpack them.

Port to port service – It’s the cheapest one and if you prefer a budget International move, this is the best option. But you have to do the packing of all the moving goods, move them from your place to the port, take care of all the paper works, shift them to your location in your destination country from port and finally do the unpacking.

Apart from these services, one will have some miscellaneous spending which varies like insurance, which will give you compensation if your moving items are damaged. Also sometimes one may have to pay extra dirhams due to customs clearance of certain special items.

The cost of moving from Dubai to any country depends on the above-listed factors. We have calculated the cost of moving from Dubai to India by sea for a 1 bedroom apartment which can be shipped in a 20 cubic meters container to be AED 10000 – 14000 excluding VAT (Value Added Tax – which will increase your moving budget by 5%).

Feel free to contact Dunes Cargo – Affordable International Packers & Movers in UAE; for further assistance. Our value-added customer services make us the best movers in UAE to any location across the globe.