Secure Cargo


Transportation of heavy machinery and other cargo is a highly complicated process involving
much planning. The responsibility of shipping cargo safely across long distances is entrusted to a
logistic company. Securing the cargo throughout the transportation process is a difficult task.
Logistic companies cannot be careless at any shipping stage because the company’s reputation is
at stake.
Cargo needs special attention depending on the mode of transport used and the type of cargo
shipped. Lack of safety measures in cargo shipping can lead to severe consequences. Cargo
safety involves:
● Proper packaging of cargo in containers.
● Preventing tampering of the cargo container.
● Safe transportation of the container to its final destination.

Tips for Shipping companies to secure cargo:
Cargo shipping companies must use high-quality materials for cushioning, lashing, and
● All sides should be sealed thoroughly to avoid cargo damage.
● Should not leave empty spaces between packages, and the walls of the container must be
● Materials like wooden beams and planks should be used to make intermediate floors
inside the container.
● Cargo should be treated based on the type of cargo. Perishable shipments containing
vegetables, fruits, plants, and other organic products must be treated differently
depending on the place of origin and destination as they are time and weather-sensitive
products. The carriers should be aware of the products’ possibility of perishing while in
● Use weatherproof materials to secure the charge from harsh weather conditions.
● Top-quality locks should be used to prevent theft. The securement technique should not
only be difficult and time-consuming for a thief to overcome, but it should also be a
deterrence against stealing.
● Use electronic tracking devices to keep track of vehicle and shipment movement.

Tips for customers before hiring a cargo shipping company
● Perishable organic cargo and other fragile goods should be declared so that the shipping
company provides special attention to avoid damage.
● You should hire a shipping agent capable of providing customized packing services.

● The shipping company you are hiring should be trustworthy.
● You should only hire a shipping company that regularly updates your cargo.
● You need to know whether the shipping company is using obsolete technology.
● You should prefer a shipping company that offers a smooth documentation process.

Several factors to consider in securing your cargo can impact the methods you choose to hire a
shipping company. Dunes Cargo & Shipping is one such company with an experience of two
decades that will ensure safe, secure, and efficient cargo transportation.