diffarent types of freight forwarding


The inclination to generate a viable transportation system to move goods is directly related to humanity’s eventual transition from a nomadic existence of hunters and gatherers to the sedentary existence of an agrarian society. The history of goods transportation almost runs parallel to the history of human civilization. 

Freight can be labeled as products or the goods that are transported, the term refers to the commercial transportation of goods by any means, either by land, air, or sea. Freight forwarding is the process of moving cargo from the point of origin to its intended destination. 

Governments of different countries play a crucial role in freight forwarding as it is highly dependent on physical assets possessed by various governments. Freight forwarding relies heavily on government investment in transportation infrastructure such as public roads, ports, airports and railroads. Freight forwarding companies are subjected to stringent rules and regulations set up by the government . 

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Ocean freight forwarding is the practice of transporting goods through the ocean. This form of freight forwarding is generally used to transport goods which are in bulk quantities. It supports the transportation of a vast variety of goods. This form of freight forwarding  has its own advantages like

Cost effectiveness : Transporting goods using shipping containers is an effective way to reduce the cost of transporting goods in large quantities. 

Ability to transport heavy materials: Shipping is the best available means to transport heavy material, large storage capabilities of shipping ports aids this process. 

Eco friendly : Ocean freight forwarding is comparatively more environmentally friendly than the other modes of freight transportation, considering the scale and volume of freight transported. 

Air Freight Forwarding

Air freight forwarding is the transportation of freight from one point to another by air. International air cargo transport is strictly regulated. Common items shipped by air freight include automobiles, electronics, perishable goods, machinery, or parts used in manufacturing.

Advantages of Air Freight Forwarding

 Time saving : Air freight forwarding is the fastest means of cargo transportation which saves time. 

Cost effective for transporting light materials : Air freight forwarding is the best form of transporting lightweight cargo as it is the cheapest way to send light materials . 

Tracking facility: Air freights provide an added advantage to be tracked in real time. 

Affordable packaging: Lightweight packaging cuts down on packaging costs. 

Land Freight Forwarding

Truck freight is the major mode of ground transportation alongside railways. It acts as a key player in the supply chain. Land transport may lack the sophistication of air and ocean freight, but road freight is always necessary to get the job executed. Land freights come into play even after transporting goods through air or ocean. It is often touted as last mile connectivity.

Advantages of Land Freight Forwarding

Access to remote locations: Unlike air freights and ocean freights land freights can access the remotest of locations. 

Predictability: Cargo is delivered as per schedule. 

Flexibility: The delivery process can be speedened if required. 

Freight forwarding is extremely crucial to the global economy, the process of navigating freights is very complex. The expertise of a seasoned freight forwarder could untangle companies from the complexities of freight forwarding. Dunese Cargo and Shipping is considered as a touchstone in global freight forwarding and is determined to provide hassle free freight forwarding service to the world.