Benefits of warehousing

UAE is fast becoming the global leader in trade and business. And with more businesses arises the necessity of large warehousing capabilities. This is where Dunes Cargo & Shipping can come in to play. With its two decades of experience in the Cargo & Shipping industry, we have built a robust warehousing facility which businesses can customize according to their needs.

Let us look at some of the benefits of uitilizing such a ware housing service facility

Time efficiency

For requirements such as quick deliveries warehouse at strategic locations can be very helpful in making the process faster


Our warehousing facility has the best safety for all your business belongings

Decrease overhead costs

Setting up an in-house warehousing facility can be expensive, while warehousing services can eliminate this issue. Moreover, with warehousing services, only the required space at a point of time needs to be used. But in case of in-house the whole warehouse needs to be used to efficiently use the space

Better inventory control

Using a warehouse helps in keeping track of the inventory better

Long term and short term storage

Warehousing facilities provide long term and short term storage options


Warehousing services are flexible. Businesses can choose to increase or decrease the required capabilities.Ultimately while choosing a warehousing service looking for an experienced service provider who understands the importance of it for warehouse for businesses is important. Dunes Cargo & Shipping with its years of experience is one of the most dependable warehouse service provider in UAE